2017 Farmers’ Market Update

Farmers Market Set upMy, this summer has flown by! We are almost a full week into fall. Although, you may not have noticed with this hot and humid weather we’ve been having. I can’t believe the 2017 farmers’ market season is almost over! Matter of fact, there are only two more Saturdays left. It has been a very busy summer and although I wanted to give an update before now, I guess I just have to settle for the “better late than never” mentality.


Lambs Quarter

I am thrilled to say that after two years we finally have people interested in lambs quarter! Although, I can’t take all the credit. The market started an event this year in which vendors donate and prepare some of their produce/goods so visitors can get a taste of what the market offers. We decided to donated lambs quarter and needless to say we pretty well sold out every week we had it thereafter.


A few weeks ago we planted our fall crops and they are starting to really take off.  I know from the pictures it looks like all we have growing is purslane but I promise there really are other plants in there too! Hopefully the hot weather we’ve had lately won’t hinder the plants too much. Our goal is to get some of them to market before all is said and done. [Pictures as of September 20, 2017]


I finally got around to making business cards a couple weeks ago, feel free to pick one up next time you stop by my farmers’ market stand. If you have yet to check out Fromme 4 You on HubPages you might want to do that soon. I don’t have much on there yet but I am getting ready to post a few recipes soon. I plan on having this website link to my “hubs” shortly but you can follow me on HubPages for now.


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